Life is one big adventure and every day brings something new. 

What could be better than roaming around barefoot on the lush green lawn, playing football, burrowing in the sandbox, playing table tennis or table football, climbing in the playground or splashing around in the big pool.


A children’s play tower with a slide and swings
A sandbox
A new trampoline
A large lawn to run around on
Toys for all to play with
Board games
Table tennis, table football
Table skittles
An open-air swimming pool and small indoor pool

  • Kinder in Dorf Tirol

    Children in Dorf Tirol/Tirolo

    There are a number of playgrounds with climbing frames, swings and slides in Dorf Tirol. You can also play tennis and beach volleyball, minigolf, swim in an outdoor pool or visit a library with a large collection of audiobooks and paper books aimed at children and teenagers. We recommend exploring the excellent hiking trails designed with children in mind and pretending to be a king in his castle watching over his realm. The Falkner Promenade trail up to Tyrol Castle, the Gnaid road leading down from Dorf Tirol and the path to Restaurant Longfall are all buggy-friendly.

  • Greifvogel-Flugschau

    Tip: the falconry display

    Where? The Bird Care Centre on the hill leading up to Tyrol Castle. Injured and defenceless birds are taken in and looked after here. They are then released into the wild once they have been nursed back to health. There are two displays per day (at 11:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.) where visitors can watch the kings of the sky. Their fascinating lives are also depicted and explained on an educational nature trail.
    More information: www.gufyland.com

  • Schloss Tirol

    Like the knights in the olden days!

    The ancient tales of fiercely contested castles and palaces are absolutely thrilling. As the ancient walls still stand today, these stories are brought to life on a terrific castle walk to Tyrol Castle. You can even travel back in time at the castle as each room is themed and follows a timeline starting from ancient history and progressing to medieval times and right through to memories of the 20th century.
    More information: www.schlosstirol.it